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Celebrating World Food Day - reimagining food waste, keep it on your plate and out of the bin!

This coming weekend is World Food Day! The world is waking up to how our food impacts nature and climate change, as well as our own health. On 16 October, every year, the world comes together to look at how we can build more sustainable and healthier food systems. As we continue to battle back from the global pandemic, World Food Day is another important milestone in saving 1/3 and fighting food waste.

With the theme ‘Our actions are our future- Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life’ the message is clear that we all have a role to play. Probably the two most simple actions we can take are to eat healthier and more sustainably, and to aim to waste no food in our personal lives. So what’s better than healthy recipes that use food that would normally go to waste?

WWF has launched a new collection of healthy and sustainable recipes, in partnership with celebrity chefs and food influencers from around the world. Why not try these three recipes from Peruvian chef Palmiro Ocampo Grey, who worked in the kitchen of Noma, the recently crowned World’s Best Restaurant! They all make use of parts of food that are often thrown away after other meals are cooked. Not only are they sustainable but they are also delicious!

Pea shell cream

This delicious soup combines all the goodness of a healthy meal along with using every last bit of the ingredients - shells and all! The shells of the pea soup are highly nutritious and delicious as well, with these parts of the food acting as amazing sources of fibre. Next time you are craving a light refreshing snack don’t throw away those pea shells instead add them to this soup instead. Find out the ingredients you need and how to make the dish here.

Crispy potato skins

A crispy snack that involves the part of a potato that is generally thrown away! This delicious recipe incorporates all parts of the vegetable and minimizes wastage significantly by giving you a scrumptious binge-worthy snack. So the next time you’re preparing mash, fries or roasties save those peels and try your hand at this delicious snack as well. The full recipe can be found here.

Rescued lemon peels

Who knew lemons can still be useful even after all their juice has been squeezed? This recipe uses lemon peels as a base for this innovative dessert. So the next time you are hosting your party use this extremely clever and sustainable recipe to impress your guests and help minimize wastage. The full recipe can be found here.

For more recipes - using plant-based foods, local and seasonal ingredients, and food produced hand-in-hand with nature - visit the site. Join the conversation on social media and share your own recipes that help fight food waste! Just tag @WWF or and WWF Food!

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