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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Sustainable She-roes!

We all have inspiring women in our lives that motivate us in various ways and encourage us to be our best selves. This International Women’s Day, we are raising our hats to the millions of amazing women out there in various social, economic and political sectors who are pushing the boundaries when it comes to their achievement and contributions to society.

There are several women leading the way in the fight against food waste. Here are just three women whose actions have helped extend the shelf life of perishable food, promoted planet-friendly lifestyle changes and pave the way for other she-roes to change the world for the better.

Yeo Pei Shan, Founder of Food Warrior, Singapore

Yeo Pei Shan is the founder of Food Warrior, a Singaporean initiative that aims to educate people on food sustainability. At Food Warrior, Pei Shan curates workshops and webinars and comes up with unique collaborations with various organisations to promote the idea of sustainable food. In just a short time, the initiative has prevented over 400 tonnes of food from going to waste in the city-state.

Christine Moseley, Founder and CEO, Full Harvest, U.S.

Founded in 2016, Christine Moseley is tackling on-farm food waste through her web-based start-up, Full Harvest. The platform is an online marketplace that connects farmers with surplus or imperfect produce to food and beverage companies. The passion behind the project was born out of Christine’s drive to fundamentally change food systems for the better. The platform has been immensely successful and has resulted in Christine being named one of Fortune’s ‘Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink’ and receiving a ‘Unilever Young Entrepreneur Award’.

Ximena Adriazola Du-Pont, Co-Founder and CEO, Bio Natural Solutions, Peru

Ximena Adriazola Du-Pont co-founded and is CEO of the Peru-based startup Bio Natural Solutions. She and her team created the Bio Natural Cover, a colourless, odourless spray that prolongs the shelf life of fruits. The spray is edible and is sprayed on fruits post-harvest, to prevent it from decomposing so quickly. The invention bagged a Future Agro Challenge award in Peru. Ximena is one of the growing numbers of women leading a tech start-up in the food industry.

Do you know any other inspirational women helping fight food waste? Share this blog with them on social media or let us know about them in the comments!

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