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Prevent food loss and waste by keeping it on your plates and on your screens too!

We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to cut food loss and waste. This not only means saving more food but also saving money. We read a lot of a content but there are also a lot of cool shows about food waste that we can watch! We previously put together a list of great audio and video content about food loss and waste that you can check out here. Here is Part 2 of some of the best documentaries about food waste you can watch that will help inspire you to be a food warrior against food loss and waste.

WASTED! - The story of food waste!

This evocative and informative documentary highlights the detrimental environmental impacts of food waste, the unsustainable practices surrounding food production, and the root of our global food waste problem – our eating habits. Told through the lens some of the most famous chefs, including the late Anthony Bourdain, Wasted! The Story of Food Waste explores the innovative solutions where chefs are able to repurpose food scraps and leftovers to produce some incredible dishes while speaking about the changes individuals and the culinary world need to make to ensure global food security. The documentary is available on Prime video and Apple TV.

Just Eat it! A Food Waste Story

The film follows a couple, Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer, as they attempt to repurpose only food waste over the course of six months. They did this to highlight the perceived need for ‘good-looking produce’ and our obsession with labels. This extremely witty and entertaining documentary encourages audiences to re-examine how they view their food, from eating out in a restaurant to examining produce at the grocery store. The documentary will force you to look at your fridge through a new lens! The film is available to rent on Vimeo on Demand.

Taste the Waste

In this compelling German documentary, the director looks at the scale of food waste in the European Union. Taste the Waste examines the systemic problem of how food is easily wasted and discarded, whether it is from supermarkets due to aesthetics and expiry dates or how technology is used to discard produce solely based on their colours, as well as its contribution to climate change. The full movie is available to view on YouTube here.

Food Inc.

An oldie but a goodie… This Oscar-nominated documentary looks at how the industrial production of meat, grains and vegetables generates waste and is economically and environmentally unsustainable. It goes beyond just food waste and delves deep into corporate farming and how unsustainable agribusiness props up our persistent food throwaway culture and is degrading the health of humanity and the planet. The full movie is available to view here.

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