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Love is in the air... Food waste warriors you might fall for!

The start of the year is a great time to set goals and challenge ourselves in new ways - and February is a perfect time to show our love for the things that matter most to us. So, whether you're heading out for a Valentine's Day date, cooking a delicious meal for someone special, or just enjoying the night alone, let's show our love for our food and our planet by making sure nothing goes to waste!

We don't want to make anyone's special someone jealous, but we all need role models right? Check out these Instagram heroes we think you should follow to further your Save 1/3 journey. Who will you fall for?

The whole package - @leaftoroot

Overripe fruits and stiff stems have more to give!

Food journalist and author Esther Kern is full of useful tips to make the most of various ingredients on her Instagram page, @leaftoroot. Did you know that you can make a light meal out of humble salad stalks? Esther even brings new flavours out of the familiar with pickled watermelon peels.

Try your hand at leaf-to-root cooking, with recipes that utilize every part of a food. This helps you get the most out of your groceries and stretch every dollar - good for the planet and your wallet.

The gift that keeps giving - @massimobottura

Is there something you just can't get enough of?

Italian restaurateur and Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura has turned his kitchen into a culinary classroom with his "Kitchen Quarantine" series on Instagram. Bring out your inner chef with his videos on leftover lunch - from a savoury ragu to hearty and meaty pasta.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't waste anything. But in reality, it's hard to finish everything all the time, so it's important what we do with what we don't eat. An easy way to reduce food waste is to save leftovers in the fridge and repurpose them into new meals.

Grow your love - @maxlamanna

Some of the best things can come from humble beginnings.

Author and BBC Earth presenter Max La Manna takes you through the process of growing your own food from leftovers. There's a wide selection of kitchen scraps you can experiment with, including store bought herbs, carrots and lettuce. It's surprisingly simple to regrow your favourite foods yourself.

With water, sunlight and patience, those odd bits and ends you typically discard can grow new roots. This means you can save money by saving your food scraps.


Which new habits are you interested to try? Have you got your own food waste warrior that you've fallen in love with? Tell us in the comments below, and recommend your own role models!

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