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Things to watch this stay-home holiday season

The festive season might feel a little different this year, with lockdowns and movement restrictions in many parts of the world as we continue to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic. But staying home doesn’t have to be stifling, what with so much content at your fingertips.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite edutaining video and audio content, guaranteed to keep the family occupied this holiday:

1. YouTube

There are dozens of informative and interesting videos on food loss and waste on YouTube. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    • This episode of the popular HBO talk show features food waste, as host John Oliver talks about the shocking amount of food that goes unconsumed.

  • CBC News Marketplace

    • This episode of Canada’s national news broadcaster sees presenter David Common going dumpster-diving at a local Walmart, as part of an investigation into food wastage by large grocery stores. Food waste is a very big issue in Canada, costing the country up to $31 billion each year.

  • VOX - Food waste is the dumbest problem

    • In this episode of Climate Lab, a six-part series that explores surprising elements of people’s daily lives that contribute to climate change and what is being done to fight back, Emmy-nominated conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan shares more on the relationship between food waste and climate change.

  • Too Good to Go (Channel)

    • If you have more time or if you’re looking for a steady stream of content on food loss and waste, this channel publishes videos to show consumers to take consumers behind the scenes of food waste. From meeting the people who produce the food we eat, to discovering the huge amount of water and resources that go into growing what we eat, and even introducing viewers to the people who are working on the frontlines every day to change our relationship with food for the better, this is the go-to channel to learn all about our current food systems.

2. Spotify

Many of us use Spotify to stream music from our favourite artists, but did you know that the platform has an amazing library of podcasts as well, including one by the EAT Foundation? Let’s Rethink Food aims to inspire listeners, with sharings from leaders, scientists, innovators and influencers leading healthy and sustainable change in the food sector. One whole episode focuses on food waste and features Zero Waste entrepreneurs who discuss their business solutions to fight food waste. The series has eight episodes in total, so there's plenty of content to get your teeth into.

3. Netflix

More than just providing binge-worthy shows, Netflix also has its share of edutaining content, such as its original series Rotten, a docuseries that takes viewers on a deep-dive into problems in our current food systems. From unsustainable fishing practices to the avocado health trend, the series will definitely give you something to think about during your next meal.

There’s no better time and no better way to learn more about food loss and waste this holiday, so grab your loved ones and a healthy snack, and binge away!

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